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Happy Winners

Overall 1st Place with $3,620.00 in Total Winnings

Overall 2nd Place with $3,300.00 in Total Winnings

Overall 3rd Place with $2,760.00 in Total Winnings


The Magic Millions race day on the Gold Coast in January holds a special place on the Australian racing calendar and in 2018 it will be even BIGGER with one punter possibly becoming an INSTANT MILLIONAIRE!

This amazing opportunity has NEVER been offered before at the Magic Millions!

Australia's longest running racing website Just Racing and bookmaker NEDS are giving you the chance to be crowned "King Of The Magic Millions" and with that take home $1,000,000!

AND don't worry...

If you miss out on the $1,000,000 you can still be crowned the "Best Tipster" and collect part of $15,000 in cash.

To be crowned "King Of The Magic Millions" and win $1,000,000 you need to pick the winner of each race on the Magic Millions race day.

Of course, there are always a few winners that seem to standout, so if you can find the ones that might be a little left of centre a million bucks could easily be yours!

AND as an extra bonus... Just Racing are also offering the best tipster on the day $10,000 with $3,000 and $2,000 for the tipsters finishing second and third.

It is as easy as selecting your favourite winning horse in each race and we theoretically place $100 on each of your tips. Whichever tipster has earnt the biggest return on their tips at the day's end will take home the $10,000!

For just one afternoon of successful tipping, the reward is pretty damn good!

If you think you have what it takes, or even if you just want to test yourself against your mates, simply enter the competition and open a new account with NEDS with a minimum $20 deposit (you receive a 200% deposit match) via the link below and put yourself in the running to win $1,000,000 bucks and be crowned the King Of The Magic Millions.

Below are the races that you will be pitting your skill against other punters: -

$2,000,000 Magic Millions 2YO Classic 1200m
$2,000,000 Magic Millions 3YO Guineas 1400m
$1,000,000 Magic Millions Cup 1400m
$1,000,000 Magic Millions Sprint 1200m
$1,000,000 Magic Millions Trophy 2200m
$1,000,000 Magic Millions Fillies & Mares 1300m
$1,000,000 Magic Millions QTIS Open 1300m
$250,000 Magic Millions Country Cup 1200m
$250,000 Magic Millions Maiden Plate 1200m

Don't miss out, join now and grab your chance of winning a $1,000,000 plus give yourself the chance to share in $15,000 cash!


If you have any other questions in regards to the King Of The Magic Millions Competition, please email or use the Contact form below.

Simply open an account with Neds via a link from Just Racing (must be via Just Racing or the King Of The Magic Millions page) and receive a 200% deposit match for deposits between $20 and $250. Deposit $20 bet with $60 up to deposit $250 bet with $750. You can then join King Of The Magic Millions.
Yes. You must open a new Neds account via a link from Just Racing (must be via Just Racing or the King Of The Magic Millions page) and be a resident of QLD, TAS, NT and ACT.
Yes. If have already opened an account with Neds prior to December 15, 2017 and accept the terms and conditions of the competition. If you didn't have an account with Neds prior to December 15 and live in ACT, NT, QLD or TAS you must open a new Neds account via a link from Just Racing (must be via Just Racing or the King Of The Magic Millions page) otherwise you are ineligible to enter the competition.
You need to select the winner of each of the 9 races that form part of the competition.
If more than 1 person selects all winners the $1 million Grand Prize will be split equally amongst all people who manage to select the 9 winners correctly.
Should a horse which the Entrant has placed a novelty bet on be scratched prior to running, the Entrant's novelty bet will instead be automatically placed on the Ubet Tote favourite at the time the race jumps. Should there be two (2) equal favourites on the Ubet Tote at the time of the race jump, the Entrant's selection will be the favourite with the lowest saddle cloth number.
No. It is the official race winner who is deemed the winner for the competition.
1st prize is $10,000; 2nd prize is $3,000; 3rd prize is $2,000.
The competition opens for entry on Friday December 15, 2017 and closes for entry on Friday January 12, 2018 at Midnight AEDT. The competition races are on Magic Millions Day which is January 13, 2018.
Residents of ACT, QLD, NT and TAS are free to enter. Residents of NSW, SA, VIC and WA who had an account with Neds prior to December 15, 2017 are also eligible to enter.
You must be over the age of 18 years.
Simply Log in to your account from 10.00am AEDT Friday January 12, 2018 and prior to January 13, 2018 11.00am AEDT and click on the "Races & Bets" icon and enter your selections.
No, you can only have 1 selection per race.
No. Your selection in each race automatically becomes your selection for entry for the $1 million Grand Prize.
No. If you don't select a horse in a race you do not get a selection in that race and are ineligible for the $1 million Grand Prize.
If people end up with the same amount of winnings for the day the entrant with the closest selection to the winning margin in the 2 year old classic will be deemed the prize winner for each relevant prize.
The margin selection in the 2 year old classic will determine the overall winner of the prizes if we have entrants that finish with the same amount of winnings.

All 9 races that are run at the Gold Coast Turf Club on 13 January 2018 as part of the Magic Millions Race Day

Magic Millions 2YO Classic;
Magic Millions 3YO Guineas;
Magic Millions Cup;
Magic Millions Sprint;
Magic Millions Trophy;
Magic Millions Fillies and Mares;
Magic Millions QTIS Open;
Magic Millions Country Cup; and
Magic Millions Maiden Plate.


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